At the beginning of February 2024, our Kayseri Pınarbaşı Solar Energy Power Plants facility started electricity production. The facility with an installed capacity of 10 MW (AC power 10 MW; DC power 12.5 MW) was built on 150,000 square meters of land. The quantity of energy planned to be produced in a year is 20.819.559,6 kwh/year. Carbon emission to be prevented thanks to this environmentally friendly facility; 9.769.716,5 kg/year. Our power plant has 4 transformer pavilions and 4 inverter pavilions. It was completed in approximately 7.5 months.

In addition to this important information, we would like to share the following remarkable information;

After starting the site works, 120,000 m³ of excavation was removed to provide suitable ground. A total of 23,156 panels were assembled. Approximately 563 thousand tons of mechanical construction was used. 6.8 km of energy transmission line was installed. A total of 162,274 m of cabling was installed.

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